Dr. Young P. Hong, M.D.

Meet Dr. Young P. Hong M.D., our esteemed Medical Director at Polaris Medical Aesthetics, boasting over 35 years of experience in the plastic aesthetics field. With his profound expertise, he possesses a keen eye for classic beauty. Renowned for his expertise in hair transplants and facial stem cell fat grafting, Dr. Hong’s passion drives Polaris to continuously evolve and excel in our specialty. Follow us as we continue to grow and innovate under his guidance.

Kris Lee

Introducing Kris Lee, the visionary CEO of Polaris Aesthetics and a living legend of K-beauty in Los Angeles. With over 25 years of experience as a beauty consultant, she has personally advised thousands of clients on their journey to radiance. When it comes to enhancing your beauty and not knowing where to begin, Kris is the ultimate guide. Known as the “Mother of K Beauty” in Korea Town, her innate ability to discern beauty is unparalleled and cannot be taught—it’s simply ingrained in her. Connect with Kris for expert advice and discover the transformative power of K-beauty.