Surgery on an essential sexual organ that contains 14,000 nerve endings can feel overwhelming and risky. However, a clitoral hoodectomy may be the right choice for enhancing your sexual satisfaction, sensation, and function. By reducing the amount of clitoral hood tissue, the procedure enhances your sexual stimulation and ability to orgasm. Beyond enhancing sexual satisfaction, a clitoral hoodectomy could reduce physical discomfort caused by larger clitoral hoods. The procedure is also an ideal choice for altering your vagina’s cosmetic appearance. Overall, the physical, cosmetic, and sexual benefits of a clitoral hoodectomy procedure could significantly improve your sex life and confidence. 

What is a Clitoral Hoodectomy?

A clitoral hoodectomy is a surgical procedure that reduces the amount of skin covering the clitoris. Also known as a clitoral hood reduction, this operation aims to improve sexual satisfaction and function by reducing an enlarged clitoral hood. After shortening the clitoral hood by removing excess tissue, the clitoris becomes more prominent and more easily stimulated. This can make it easier for a woman to orgasm, and improve her sexual health overall. The clitoral hood has many vital functions for sexual arousal, sensation, and satisfaction. A properly sized clitoral hood is responsible for protecting nerve endings from excessive stimulation but can move aside when a woman is aroused to expose the clitoris. An enlarged hood sometimes cannot move aside for proper nerve-ending exposure. A clitoral hoodectomy could help a woman resolve this issue.

Who Should Get a Clitoral Hoodectomy?

Women with an enlarged clitoral hood that impedes their sexual activity or causes physical discomfort are ideal candidates for a clitoral hoodectomy. Physical discomfort may result from a larger clitoral hood because it could rubs against the clothing and skin, resulting in consistent pain. Further, those with an enlarged clitoral hood may experience diminished sexual arousal and satisfaction, making it difficult to achieve orgasm.

Additionally, some women may not experience physical or sexual disruptions yet could be unhappy with their vaginal appearance may choose to undergo this procedure for cosmetic improvements. In some cases, our skilled cosmetic gynecologist has performed a clitoral hoodectomy on patients who have undergone a labiaplasty to maintain certain attractive proportions of vaginal tissue.

Benefits of a Clitoral Hood Reduction

One of main benefits of receiving a clitoral hoodectomy in Cleveland is improving sexual satisfaction by exposing more nerve endings in the clitoris. Since an enlarged clitoral hood cannot move properly to expose the clitoris, the procedure ensures a reduced disruption of sexual arousal and satisfaction from excess clitoral hood tissue. By exposing more clitoral nerve endings, a woman may improve the frequency and quality of her orgasms.

In addition to improved sexual satisfaction, the surgery could reduce physical discomfort from the clitoral hood’s excessive rubbing on skin and clothing. From this, individuals have more freedom with wardrobe choices as physical discomfort is no longer a limitation. Some women may also experience fewer incidents of bacterial and yeast infections after a clitoral hoodectomy procedure.

A clitoral hoodectomy could provide aesthetic benefits for women who are unhappy with their clitoral hood size. The surgery aims to balance proportions between the clitoral hood and other areas of the vagina for an improved appearance.

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