The hymen is a thin membrane located around the opening of the vagina. When a hymen is torn or penetrated through sexual intercourse or trauma, many women have the desire to replace the tissue. Others are born without a hymen or would like theirs restored for cultural reasons.

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty (Hymen repair, reconstruction) is the surgical repair of the hymen. The edges of the hymen are put together using a surgical technique, creating an intact hymen that is natural in appearance and feel with no visible apparent scarring.

Women most often undergo this procedure for religious, societal, or cultural reasons, but, as with any cosmetic procedure, an individual’s reason for desiring the procedure is always highly personal.

Who Needs Hymenoplasty?

Ideal candidates for hymenoplasty:

  • Want to restore or renew their hymen
  • Are seeking surgery for their own personal reasons, not to please or satisfy others
  • Are healthy enough to have surgery, with no serious health conditions or vaginal infections
  • Have no other factors that may impact their procedure

What Happens After Hymenoplasty?

Once the hymenoplasty is complete, patients can recover at home by following our post-operative instructions. Most women can resume normal, everyday activities in a few days after surgery. Keep in mind that sexual activity should be avoided for at least six weeks to allow for proper healing.

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