What is Mark-Vu®?

The Mark-Vu is a precision-built facial skin analysis system with top-of-the-line optics. That allows for accurate and swift comparison between the pretreatment findings and the clinical results after any procedure.

Through the use of an array of multi-spectrum light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source. Multi-directional polychromatic (multi-coloured) LED light is more true to life than daylight or “white light”.

Gives even more coverage over the whole face, than any flashlamp or other single-tube light source. And allows the system to deliver consistent and accurate results.

The system uses multiple LED arrays delivering ultraviolet (UV) and visible light. With an added three-dimensional effect it enables an analysis of a variety of components in your skin.

Such as pigmentation, pores, roughness, wrinkles and abnormal blood vessels. You will then be able to see, in both a two-dimensional high-definition monitor and a hard copy.

The changes that have occurred as the result of your treatment or procedure accurately and in real-time, compared to your pretreatment condition.

How does it work?

Total LED technology used for all light sources:

Gives excellent and consistent light coverage over the entire face, indispensable when recreating before and after images with realistic skin tone.

Highest quality precision optics:

Coupled with the unique LED light sources, the optics allow precise control of both camera focus and shutter speed when capturing images.

Multiwavelength LEDs – Skin Analysis:

Guaranteed enhanced accuracy of skin tone through the ability to fine tune the LED output.

Four Light Sources – Skin Analysis:

Your consultant can choose among four light sources to analyse different aspects of your skin: UV light, Polarized light, Standard light and Specular light.

Skin Analysis – Advanced UV LED sources:

In pigmentation:
Active and potential problematic pigmentation (melanin) is accurately identified through the use of UV LEDs coupled with high quality filters which can pinpoint even latent pigmentation (unoxidised melanin), particularly useful in the diagnosis and treatment of melasma.

In acne vulgaris:
Furthermore, the presence of active Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) can be confirmed through identification of the porphyrins endogenous to P. acnes to help in establishing the optimum treatment technique.

Light Source and Analysis

  • 4 light sources – normal, specular, polarized, UV enable
  • visual evaluation, 3D section of the skin segment
  • high image quality
  • recording the front, left and right sides
  • detection and evaluation of microscopic and hidden changes
  • RGB skin texture coefficient, visual 3D evaluation of damage
  • evaluation of facial symmetry and changes in the aging process enables agreement and planning of aesthetic interventions

Automatic analysis of skin conditions with precise counting and visual evaluation of results by segment and skin sample: pores, wrinkles, hidden wrinkles, total pigmentation, hidden pigmentation, melanin (brown) and hemoglobin (red) pigment, sebum , porphyrins-acne, skin tone, dark circles, skin glow, uniformity, hydration, skin sensitivity

Skin type, age assessment, recommendation of protective factor according to Fitzpatrick analysis, recommendation of cosmetics, graphic evaluation of problems in aging

  • Automatic compressive analysis
  • Comparative before-after analysis enables visual and precise numerical monitoring of the results

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