What is Oligio X?

Oligio X is a non-invasive, FDA-Cleared skin lifting & tightening device that promotes new collagen synthesis and increases skin elasticity and also addresses concerns such as large pores and fine lines.

This procedure uses Monopolar Radiofrequency (RF) to remodel the dermis, gradually renew collagen over time, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Key Benefits

  • Increases Skin Elasticity
  • Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Collagen Regeneration
  • Pore and Skin Texture Improvement
  • Face Lifting Effect
  • Double Chin Improvement

Who is a good candidate?

Ideal candidates for Oligio X are those who:

– Experience mild to moderate skin laxity
– Desire overall skin tightening and firming
– Have specific concerns like droopy eyelids, , enlarged pores, jowling or sagging skin
– Prefer non-invasive options for skin rejuvenation
– Prefers less downtime and minimal pain

How is Oligio X different?

Oligo X delivers maximum power with minimal downtime. It delivers 6.78 MHZ of high frequency energy in a powerful and stable manner.

OligoX utilizes dual mode (x mode/ g mode) which allows for a more customizable treatment covering different layers of the skin while delivering long lasting heat. It uses real time cooling to minimize side effects and create a comfortable treatment for patients.

How Oligio X Skin Tightening Treatment Works?

The Oligio X skin lifting treatment utilizes high Radiofrequency (RF) frequency to activate collagen in the dermal layer. Energy is delivered at a high frequency current creating deep heat in the tissues. This activates the cells to begin tissue repair, building new collagen, and improving the skin condition through a natural healing process.

Following the procedure, patients experience lifting and tightening effects as gentle heat penetrates deep into the skin. Over one to three months, collagen regeneration occurs, restoring skin elasticity and improving fine wrinkles and skin texture, with the results lasting for one year.

The treatment not only enhances overall skin elasticity but also addresses concerns such as large pores and fine lines.

Why Choose Oligio X Skin Tightening?

Offering a painless and efficient solution, Oligio X skin tightening treatment promotes collagen regeneration for improved skin texture and reduced wrinkles. Whether for facial rejuvenation or body contouring, Oligio X stands out for its effectiveness and lasting results, making it a reliable choice in skincare.


No anesthesia is required. Numbing cream is optional.

Minimum Discomfort

Cooling and vibration mode minimizes pain.

Faster Treatment

Treatment completed in 20-30 minutes.

Long-Lasting Effect

Collagen production ensures a lasting result up to one year.

Oligio X vs Thermage FX

Both are radio frequency face lifting machines, Thermage manufactured in the US whereas Oligio in Korea. The main differences are Oligio is less painful and faster compared to Thermage. If you cannot tolerate the discomfort from Thermage or prefer a more comfortable face lifting procedure, Oligio is your choice.

What to expect?

Our specialists will provide a consultation to determine which treatment plan is best for each person. After all jewelry is removed, a return pad will be attached to the lower back and connected to the machine. Oligo fluid is applied throughout the treatment as a protective barrier for the skin from the machine. You may experience warmth and mild tingling during the treatment. Once the treatment is complete, the face is cleaned and aftercare instructions are given.

For more information, please call us at (323) 744-3133.